Jan. 27th, 2012

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Reading these amazingly detailed episode reviews: latest one

The note about Mercedes being the first person Kurt came out to popped at me, and I had some thoughts on it.

I for sure agree that it shows a level of trust Kurt has in Mercedes.
I'd like to add that I think it also shows a level of his care for her; he knows she was hurt by him leading her on, and arguably feels bad about that, especially since he let her think he liked Rachel over her (and at this point in the show, neither of them like Rachel).

So I'd say part of Kurt telling Mercedes he's gay is his trust, and part is him, as a friend, wanting to reassure her that him not wanting to date her? Isn't anything to do with her. Part guilt for lying to her / using her crush as a cover, part "please don't ever doubt that you are wonderful".

Edit: is this similar to in Grilled Cheesus when Kurt agrees to go to Mercedes church? A pattern where Kurt hurts Mercedes feelings, and then in an effort to make her feel better, makes himself vulnerable to her?


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