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Title: Dogsbody; The Adventures of Allie Hale
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Alternate Universe, drama, touch of romance.
Style: Mostly narration based.
Warning: Contains canon-typical violence and death, and implied statutory rape in the prologue [well, mostly from knowing canon], attempted sexual assault in later chapter probably.
[ie, Peter Hale and Kate Argent being themselves]
Pairings present in fic as a whole: Jackson/Lydia, Stiles/Allison, Scott/Lydia, unfortunate Kate/Derek.

Scott McCall has had a crush on Lydia Martin since third grade, and Stiles Stilinski hasn’t really had a crush on anyone until the murderous looking girl from the woods slouches into their homeroom and insists that “Allie” is a perfectly acceptable shortening of “Elizabeth”.

But maybe we should back up a little.


Derek and Allie come careening back to Beacon Hills and find Laura in pieces in the woods, and both of them are full of rage and grief and guilt, and they don’t care about all the rules they had for Staying Under The Radar and Not Making Trouble, and Not Giving Hunters An Excuse, Laura’s dead, and Laura was always the one keeping them in check.

They’re going to find whoever tore Laura apart, and they’re going to do the same right back.


Allie gets enrolled at the High School, because that brand-new Beta they met in the woods doesn’t seem to know what he’s gotten in to, and they can’t have him blowing their cover early.

[McCall is not on board with “don’t play lacrosse, it’ll make you flip out” even with his best friend backing Allie up, because Lydia Martin’s been impressed by his new skills, and if Lydia Martin thinks you should play in Saturday’s lacrosse game, you are going to]

Making friends was not part of the plan, but Allie finds herself drawn to Lydia [she’s In Charge and she’s a girl, and god she’s not really like Laura at all but Allie needs her friendship like she needs water] and dating was definitely not part of the plan but Stiles is the first person to make Allie laugh since they left Arizona.


Derek leases a tiny apartment in the cheapest part of town, just to have something to put on the Beacon High paperwork, but he and Allie actually live out at the shell of the Hale house, because it’s isolated enough that Derek can hear anyone coming.


They’ve only been there a couple weeks when Kate Argent finally comes out to see what her bait brought in, and Allie’s keeping an eye on lacrosse practice while Derek goes over what little they’ve found out about the situation in Beacon Hills.

When Allie gets home, she finds a strange SUV parked too close, and the sound of electricity on skin that she hasn’t heard since they made it out of Tennessee.

“Drop your weapons, and back out the door.”

Allie loves the look on Hunter’s faces when someone gets the drop on them, because they know werewolves don’t bother with guns [the sound is…problematic] and as much as they spit and say horrible things about the humans that run with wolves, they still somehow forget about them.

She’s not expecting the wary expression on the woman’s face to shift into disbelief, and then hope, and to hear “…Allison.”


“My name. Is Allie. Hale.”


Life’s not much different after Allie gets Derek away from Kate and her associates, except that they sleep in the Camaro hidden around town instead of at the house, and now they’re gunning to take down the Alpha along with the Hunters.

[Kate…doesn’t stalk the school to catch a glimpse of Allison. She doesn’t, she has an Alpha to take down, and a Second Beta to identify, and besides the kid would bolt if Kate pressed things. She needs her niece to come to her, and Kate is nothing if not confident]

Scott and Lydia and Jackson are doing an intricate dance that started at the bowling alley when Lydia turned to the two boys and said “Impress me” and Scott steadily did better and better than Jackson, who got steadily nastier.

[Allie and Stiles, meanwhile are watching movies and making out and doing research, and most of the school parts for Allie when she walks down the hall because she’s got a cloud over her head that screams “MURDER” except when she’s with Stiles, and then she’s pretty much a gangly ball of giggles]

Jackson makes one attempt to flirt with Allie, to make Lydia jealous and try and even things out a little, but she just gives him an “I will cut you” side-eye and goes back to researching the death of the video-store clerk on her laptop.


Then Derek goes to visit Uncle Peter at the hospital, and comes out to find a print-out of an e-mail sent to Laura on his windowshield, and it’s got a picture of a dead deer with a spiral on it, and everything goes to hell.


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