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Figuring out my own patterns myself is great and helpful and important but fuck is it amazing to run across terminology. Because terminology means someone else has noticed it within themself or in others and spent time thinking about it and wanting to discuss it.

You know the cartoon thing of a lightbulb coming up over someone's head when they get an idea or something just clicks? These all gave me that moment.

1. Stimming.

2. "Might you become nonverbal during sex?" [and other times]

3. Queering/Disabling The Text.

4. Auditory Processing Issues [the Kit-Kat jingle is not ~Break me off a piece of that kid's pizza~]

5. Echolalia [it's not an in-joke if it's not a joke Get it? Got it. Good. They broke the chalice from the palace]
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My sophomore year of High School, I was part of the Yearbook staff. It was technically a class, and our teacher was this terrifying/amazing woman Who Had Done Everything and also taught Advanced 9th Grade English (which I'd taken with her the year before) and World History (for sophomores, so I was also in that class).

personal and fandom related whoo )

So yes, that is how being on the Yearbook staff my sophomore year of High School continues to affect my style.
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Okay, so I've consumed the first season of Community, and now I need to say stuff because it was running through my head all through work today.

I'm going to use semi-metaphor. Because it's about language, and communication, so I'm stylizing a bit but still I think talking about what the characters are actually doing? Hopefully I will be clear. Please let me know.

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Dude sweet

Oct. 30th, 2009 08:23 am
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One of the pep-talkers for NaNoWriMo this year is Jasper Fforde!


(he writes the Thursday Next series, the first book of which is The Eyre Affair. I own/have read the first four)

I know it's just an encouraging e-mail the the NaNo-ers at large...but still.


Sidenote: today is the day before Halloween and I am going to my classes dressed as a pirate.

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Exceeded comment space, so get's a post. Original challenge here.
No written sex, because, um, twelve, but I think it's safe to assume it's gonna happen eventually. Constructive feedback would be nice, especially since I wrote most of it so late at night it was early morning.

Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Rating: I think it's PG.
Spoilers: up through episode 12 of season 3.
Pairing: Song/Toph. Thank [ profile] redbrunja
Disclaimer: me no own characters.

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I've run across several misconceptions online, so I'd like to set things clearly, here, to use as reference.
Uke and seme are martial arts terms.

uke = receiver of the technique
seme = to attack
nage = thrower

Nage is from Aikido, in which uke also acts as seme.

I just found this, think it's from...2000? I'm posting the text here, just in case the link ever stops working.
this made my mum laugh )

I've told my mum about the yaoi/het arguments, and we agree that at this point, it's rather beating a dead horse.
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To write something, besides an lj-entry, every day.
Have a happy New Year, everyone. Hugs and kisses to you all.

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