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Figuring out my own patterns myself is great and helpful and important but fuck is it amazing to run across terminology. Because terminology means someone else has noticed it within themself or in others and spent time thinking about it and wanting to discuss it.

You know the cartoon thing of a lightbulb coming up over someone's head when they get an idea or something just clicks? These all gave me that moment.

1. Stimming.

2. "Might you become nonverbal during sex?" [and other times]

3. Queering/Disabling The Text.

4. Auditory Processing Issues [the Kit-Kat jingle is not ~Break me off a piece of that kid's pizza~]

5. Echolalia [it's not an in-joke if it's not a joke Get it? Got it. Good. They broke the chalice from the palace]
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One of the songs my dad sang to my brother and I as a lullaby, when we were young, was a modified version of Mad Tom of Bedlam. He'd switch in our names for one of the verses about Mad Tom and Mad Maudlin, and sometimes switch in the name of my favorite stuffed animal for "shoes" in the line "to save her shoes from gravel".

This is a folks song likely originating from 1600's England, so all versions are modified versions. These are the lyrics as I remember them:

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So yeah, this is one of the songs I grew up with as a lullaby. Sometimes I want to reference it, like in conversations and fic and stuff, and I'm never sure if I should.
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As my twelfth year drew to a close, my father introduced me to Girl Genius ( Back then it was still a print comic, with only the first issue available on the Studio Foglio website to entice new readers.

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Te amo, Argentina.

Guess who just legalized gay marriage?



Jan. 25th, 2010 04:24 pm
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Supreme Court just lifted the limit on money corporations can donate to political campaigns.

Read it, watch the video.

I vote. I don't know who my local/state representatives are. I don't know who my congressman/woman is. Or senator. I could probably look it up in relatively short order. But the fact still stands, off the top of my head, I don't know, and I don't know how to get in contact with them.

I think we need to work on a new flavor of politician. Fuck TV ads and house-calls. Get the internet campaigns rolling. And I don't mean pop-ups and chain e-mails. I mean blogs. Get the reps writing to their constituents. Circulate links. Have links to fellow party member's blogs on the sidebars.

TV ads and house calls and other stuff does have a big impact. There's a lot of people out there that don't bother with the internet, and a lot of the internetizens like us don't bother voting.
That'll change over time, but right now...crap.
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They're leaving Prop 8 as is, because voters have the right to amend their state's constitution.

So apparently as long as it gets through the established channels for changing the state's constitution, fucking up equality is A-okay! Great job, California, who ya gonna make a lower-class citizen next?

One good part: any of the marriages that happened pre-Prop8 are retaining legality.
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You guys have to see this political satire song.
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So I was reading one of my favourite webcomics, Vampirates, when I started to notice the first introduced characters (so the main character but it spends a good amount of time, probably even, with other characters as the focus) Clyde, was pretty dang girly. They way he acts reminds me of all the things I've noticed, and have been brought up in sociolinguistics, and what I hear from my brother and other guys, in the differences between the way feminine-coded and masculine-coded humans act, with Clyde leaning pretty heavily towards feminine.
And yes, there are always variations, definitelty variations within individuals themselves.
But I was thinking, Clyde would make more sense to me as a girl.
And then I realized, if he was a girl, and everything was exactly as it is now in the comics, s/he would get called a Mary Sue.

So I have something to say about Mary Sues.

Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann gets called a Mary Sue.
I love Nia. So I love Mary Sues.
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts gets called a Mary Sue.
I love Kairi. So I love Mary Sues.
Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender gets called a Mary Sue. So does Aang.
I love them. So I love Mary Sues.

If my life was fiction, it would be compared to cliche High School Alternate Universe fanfics.
And I would be called a Mary Sue.

You know what?
I'm awesome.
All these girls and women in stories I like?
They're awesome. Same with the girly guys, the androgynous ones, the Merciful Goddess from Saiyuki. All awesome.

So fuck you.
We're awesome.
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To write something, besides an lj-entry, every day.
Have a happy New Year, everyone. Hugs and kisses to you all.

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