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I think Kairi from the Kingdom Hearts game series is asthmatic.

My thoughts on the subject are as follows )

So my headcanon says that Kairi is an asthmatic Princess of Heart.
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Going off attitudes/personalities...

Sora -> Kamina
Riku -> Yoko
Kairi -> Simon
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Dr. Horrible: Namine
Penny: Kairi
Captain Hammer: Marluxia
Bad Horse: Xemnas
Bad Horse Chorus: Xigbar, Xaldin, Saix
Hammer's fan-trio: Vexen, Lexeaus, Zexion
Newscasters: Luxord and Larxene
Pink Pummeler: Demyx
Moist: Riku
Conflict Diamond: Axel
Bait and Switch: Sora and Roxas

This started when I thought a Kingdom Hearts casting of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog should have Namine as Billy, because of the whole wears white, blonde, shy, symmetry.
I was debating whether Sora or Kairi should be Penny, since Kairi looks the part better, but the Sora/Namine relationship is closer to the Penny/Billy relationship.
Then [ profile] wolfiso suggested Sora and Roxas as Bait and Switch, and things went from there.
Also had trouble decided between Larxene and Marluxia for Captain Hammer, but figured Marluxia has the bigger ego, and is better at pretending to be nice.

No, we don't know which one is which, either, when it comes to Bait+Switch. We're betting they don't have it finalized.
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For most of her appearences, Yuffie's english voice actress is Christy Carlson Romano, who also voices Kim Possible.

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Yuffie is voiced by Mae Whitman.
Who voices Katara.

...and no, no freaking way, seriously?
Also apparently the title character of Disney's 2008 CGI film Tinker Bell.

I knew I had to see it because Jesse McCartney's in it and I couldn't miss Roxas as a fairy, but now I gotta see it.

Anyway, since I was already saying Aerith and Zack are Aang's parents, I can totally see Yuffie the Great Ninja being one of Katara's past lives; saves the world, steals shit, keeps friends happy.

I now, of course, want to run around throwing characters from Avatar and Kingdom Hearts together and seeing what would happen.

Tifa is a bad-ass earthbender, possible Toph's great-great-granma.


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