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I'm in favor of self defense, even if it means the potential death of the attacker. I don't know if I am capable of it, but I don't have anything morally against it.
I also think we need to be able to defend each other.

And other than that...we need to stop the violence.
It's very clear that more violence doesn't work. We need more techniques like Aikido, that aim to disarm a situation without permanent harm to either party.

And we need to let go of revenge.

I'm very fond of violence in my fiction, in my videogames, in my writing. I find it exhilarating and to an extent, cathartic.

But I'm not writing for the next generation. I'm writing for myself, and that means my works will be geared for non-kids.

Things that are geared for kids...need to be more careful than I am.
And right now, the best show I can think of is still Avatar The Last Airbender.
Cycles of violence never end until either everyone is dead, or someone chooses to relinquish their revenge.

Like Katara did.
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For most of her appearences, Yuffie's english voice actress is Christy Carlson Romano, who also voices Kim Possible.

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Yuffie is voiced by Mae Whitman.
Who voices Katara.

...and no, no freaking way, seriously?
Also apparently the title character of Disney's 2008 CGI film Tinker Bell.

I knew I had to see it because Jesse McCartney's in it and I couldn't miss Roxas as a fairy, but now I gotta see it.

Anyway, since I was already saying Aerith and Zack are Aang's parents, I can totally see Yuffie the Great Ninja being one of Katara's past lives; saves the world, steals shit, keeps friends happy.

I now, of course, want to run around throwing characters from Avatar and Kingdom Hearts together and seeing what would happen.

Tifa is a bad-ass earthbender, possible Toph's great-great-granma.
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You know the team-up of ass-kicking I want to see?

Kamina and Toph.
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Exceeded comment space, so get's a post. Original challenge here.
No written sex, because, um, twelve, but I think it's safe to assume it's gonna happen eventually. Constructive feedback would be nice, especially since I wrote most of it so late at night it was early morning.

Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Rating: I think it's PG.
Spoilers: up through episode 12 of season 3.
Pairing: Song/Toph. Thank [ profile] redbrunja
Disclaimer: me no own characters.

epic journeys rarely end at the intended destination )


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