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Title: Dogsbody; The Adventures of Allie Hale
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Alternate Universe, drama, touch of romance.
Style: mostly narration based.
Warning: contains canon-typical violence and death, implied statutory rape [mostly from knowing canon] and something that isn't actually attempted sexual assault in a previous chapter, but still has vibes that way, and is a reminder of the possibility. Let's just keep it in mind as a warning for potential bad shit in Season Two, okay?
[ie, Peter Hale and Kate Argent and Jackson Whittemore being themselves]
Pairings present in fic as a whole: Jackson/Lydia, Stiles/Allison, Scott/Lydia, unfortunate Kate/Derek.

Jackson can’t believe he let Danny talk him into coming to the dance, and no matter how much he drinks from the flask he snuck in, it doesn’t make glancing over and seeing Lydia dancing with McCall any easier.

So he leaves. Not very far, just out to the woods right outside the school to clear his head, but it doesn’t clear anything at all. He mistake a pair of scopes for a pair of glowing red eyes, and very shortly he’s told the scary woman with the scarier grin that McCall is a fucking werewolf, and she pets his hair and tells him to go back inside.


Allie really, truly hates Jackson at this point. But she also hates that he got dragged into this whole werewolf mess, and they figure Peter’s probably lurking nearby, so when she notices that Jackson’s gone, she goes to look for him, and Stiles goes too, but one of them is a lot better at weaving through crowds, and it ain’t Stiles.

Which is why when Allie finally finds Jackson, coming back into the school with this look on his face like he doesn’t know whether to brag or apologize, Stiles has just reached the lacrosse field and is spinning around in circles wondering which way to go now.

[once he realizes the figure at the edge of the field is in a long coat, not a suit jacket, Stiles runs]

[Allie’s running too, straight towards them, suddenly realizing that Derek isn’t the only person in world she needs to Not Fucking Die on her]

Keeping Allie from getting close enough to stop the bleeding is not okay you son of a bitch, and Peter growls when she reaches for the knife hidden up her skirt. But then he abruptly switches to a wide smile, and says Allie is welcome to call for help for Stiles, just as soon she makes one little phone call for Peter.

“Just get Derek out of that hole he’s hiding in, hm?”


Kate’s waiting outside the High School gym now; the second Beta’s inside, and once she gets him, she’ll have bait to lure Derek out with. And with both Betas in her pocket, maybe she can finally catch a fucking break with this Alpha.

The McCall kid’s a little faster than she expected, raising a racket fit to raise the town as he tears out of the gym, followed by that red-headed girl and half the school.

[Peter never said the help for Stiles couldn’t be Scott]

[Scott presses his fingers against the wounds and screams for Stiles to wake up, and Lydia waves her glittery heels above her head to direct the ambulance onto the field]

Kate flips a coin.


This is the worst car ride of Allie’s life, and that’s saying something.

Picking up Derek from the Stilinski house makes things a little better.

But not much.


Jackson shows up at the hospital, full of apologies, and Scott slams him against the wall and snarls. Because Stiles is bleeding, Stiles is in the emergency room with two doctors and five nurses trying to figure out why he’s having an allergic reaction, and Scott can’t help.


The Sheriff shows up at the hospital too, and he can’t-

He can’t go in Stiles’ room, okay? He just fucking can’t.

Lydia is more than happy to provide a distraction. The police looked into the Argents back during the Hale fire investigation, didn’t they? And did the Sheriff know that Kate Argent was back in town? Lydia just thinks it’s an interesting coincidence, that it’s Stiles that got hurt, since he’s been dating Allie Hale and all.

Does anyone know were Kate Argent is right now, Sheriff?


The thing is, since getting shot, Scott’s been on edge and distracted, trying to keep an eye out, trying to keep everyone safe, and keeps forgetting to tell Derek and everyone about the e-mail thing. And trying to keep everyone safe…didn’t work.

Now the only distraction is Stiles’ heart monitor pounding in his ears, and he calls Allie.


The Hunters were looking for the wolves, and the wolves were looking for the Hunters, and everyone gets out of their cars to stare each other down across the narrow back road.

[there’s a bit of a scuffle getting out of the car, as Derek and Allie each try to push the other behind them, and dammit Allie I’m the one that heals.]

Kate has one hand up- the only thing keeping the rest of the Hunters from opening fire. Peter’s starting to lengthen his claws.

And then Allie’s phone rings, and she flips it open without looking.

“Allie! Allie it’s Scott, I meant to tell you! That picture Derek found on his car, that e-mail Laura got, that brought her back here?”

Peter turns his head slowly, and before he can grab the phone, Allie tosses it under the car; she can barely make out what Scott’s saying now, but it’s still loud and clear for the werewolves.

“My boss said Peter’s nurse borrowed a copy of the deer photo from him! Hunters didn’t lure Laura back here! Peter did!”

At that point, Allie follows the phone under the car, and Kate’s hand drops.

[Allie really did want to kill Peter, but Derek had seniority]

It takes less than a minute for Derek to flip Peter around so the majority of the bullets are hitting him, and take advantage of the shock to rip his throat out.


Kate raises her hand again- they’ve stopped moving, stop wasting ammunition –and then carefully loads one of her Nordic Blue Monkshood bullets into her rifle as she walks towards the mess on the far side of the road.


It’s just normal bullets buried in Derek, and behind the car, Allie’s helping him pull them out, so the healing process can start.

Allie wants to get back in the car and maybe run over Kate, but Derek shakes his heads, and says they actually need to make a break for the woods. He can hear police sirens.


It is a uniquely satisfying sight to see the police arrest a posse of Hunters.


Allie gets back to the hospital before the Sheriff; she had to get there by foot through the woods, but he had a lot of arrests to process.

[Derek hugged Allie, when they got to the hospital, and said he needed to stay away from people for a bit, because being an Alpha feels weird, and Allie doesn’t let him out of the hug for a good ten minutes or so]

[Jackson’s gone.]

Allie doesn’t want to find out if she needs to be family to get into Stiles’ room right now, so she stares through the glass at him breathing for a half an hour, the events of the night fighting for attention in her mind, and mostly just making a static noise. When the Sheriff appears at the end of the hallway, Allie brushes past Scott and Lydia and runs outside again.

She spends a couple hours at the edge of the woods, cutting up the trees and the undergrowth with the knife she never got to use on anyone that night, swallowing all her curses, and sneaks back inside after midnight. Melissa finds her at four in the morning, sleeping in the chair next to Stiles’ hospital bed.


Stiles isn’t healing, not like Scott did, but he’s not dying either, and at the moment, the latter is all anyone cares about.


Within 24 hours, Jackson is going to go back to the Hale house, and Derek is going to make a very poor decision, which he will regret on several weeks.

Within a few days, Gerard Argent is going to come to town, and Victoria and Chris, and the Argent family lawyers.

Within a week, Stiles is going to wake up, and spend 48 hours missing in the woods.


But those are all stories to be told later.
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