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Title: Dogsbody; The Adventures of Allie Hale
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Alternate Universe, drama, touch of romance.
Style: Mostly narration based.
Warning: Contains canon-typical violence and death, and implied statutory rape in the prologue [well, mostly from knowing canon], and something that isn't actually attempted sexual assault in this chapter, but still has vibes that way, and is a reminder of the possibility. Let's just keep it in mind as a warning for potential bad shit in Season Two, okay?
[ie, Peter Hale and Kate Argent and Jackson Whittemore being themselves]
Pairings present in fic as a whole: Jackson/Lydia, Stiles/Allison, Scott/Lydia, unfortunate Kate/Derek.

Allie could just about kick herself for forgetting that Derek broke Scott’s phone. And she could just about kick Derek too, for not telling her he had a potential lead on the Alpha. And also kick Stiles and Scott, for not inviting her to their little “hey maybe if we howl in the speakers we can see if Dr. Deaton really is the Alpha or not!” experiment.

But that’s all in the recent past, and she’s going to have to cope with the fact that now she’s stuck in the Chemistry room with four other teenagers, and already emptied her clip covering their retreat.

[“Do you always have that on you?” Lydia had asked

“Not at school.”

“Did you bring that to my party?”


Lydia wants to know who the hell’s chasing them- Scott and Stiles already know it’s the Alpha, and Allie’s pretty sure Jackson’s figured out this is something supernatural. But Lydia is terrified and out of her depth and needs this to be something human that they can cope with, and Allie obliges.

“I think it’s a mafia hitman.”


“I’m sorry you got involved in this- my cousin and I were in Witness Protection, we had to leave our last safe-house because a cop on the take sold us out.”

Thankfully, Scott chooses that moment to volunteer to get the keys off the janitor’s body, and Allie doesn’t have to spin out her lie in more detail. He goes forth into the depths of the school with Allie’s pocketknife, and a self-igniting Molotov Cocktail courtesy of Lydia [“You need a ranged weapon, Scott.”] and the others wait.

[Allie keeps her hunting knife out, and her eyes on the door, and nearly jumps out of her skin when the emergency vehicles summoned by Dr. Deaton arrive just moments after Scott snaps the key in the lock]


Derek isn’t allowed to be dead, Allie doesn’t care what Stiles saw, Derek can’t be dead, which means leaving Scott and Jackson and Lydia to talk to the Sheriff, while Allie and Stiles go rooting through the undergrowth.

This is followed by stashing an unconscious-but-healing Derek in Stiles’ room, and Allie passing out on the Stilinski’s couch.

[“….son, why are the Hales staying with us?”

“Their apartment had cockroaches. Giant, horrible cockroaches.”



When school opens up again, Lydia Martin is strutting down the hallways with a delighted Scott McCall on her arm, and Jackson Whittemore is ready to spit tacks.

[“Scott went by himself to find us a way out. You handed me the wrong chemical for my Molotov. The chance to impress me? Has passed.”]

McCall bumped Jackson from being captain of the lacrosse team to co­-captain, and stole his girlfriend, and Jackson isn’t going to just find out his secret, he’s going to take it for himself. Just like McCall took everything from him.

He tries messing with McCall’s head during lunch, taking advantage of that super-hearing. But as soon as Stilinski notices something’s up, that freaky Hale girl survivalist-nut puts her fingers right up by McCall’s ears and snaps.

At least everyone laughed when McCall fell off the cafeteria bench.

[except Lydia, who just helped him off the floor, and something inside Jackson coils a little tighter]


The full moon passes with Derek pretty much sitting on Scott’s head while Stiles plays old werewolf movies for them, and Lydia shows Allie The Notebook.

[Lydia knows their pursuer in the school wasn’t human, because she’s been around Scott a lot more than in canon, and figured out nearly as much as Jackson, but she’s content to let Allie keep her cover story intact as long as Allie and her weapon collection stick around as unofficial bodyguards]

Danny Mahealani, meanwhile, gets Jackson drunk, because that’s what you do when you’re best friend gets dumped.


Derek saves Adrian Harris from the Alpha, and Allie bites her tongue. Harris is in police custody now, and he’s testimony will probably help put Kate Argent in jail eventually; that doesn’t change the fact that he told Kate how to get away with arson in the first place, and kept quiet for six years.

If Adrian Harris had come forward back when the hospital dug that bullet out of Peter Hale, Laura might still be alive, and if Allie ever gets the chance, she’s going to kill him.


Stiles makes First Line, and that would be great, but he got Danny to trace that text to Lydia’s cellphone, and he and Derek need to get this figured out.

[they both consider calling Allie, but…nah. She’s already at the lacrosse game with Lydia, and this is just tracing computers. She doesn’t need to worry about this until they know]

At the hospital, Stiles finds Peter’s room empty, and everything clicks.


Derek really didn’t mean to elbow Jennifer in the face that hard, but she had a surgical knife in her hand when she appeared behind Stiles, and that wasn’t okay.





McCall is the hero of the lacrosse game, and has the school’s love, has Danny’s respect, has Lydia. What does Jackson have? Fucking nothing. Even Stilinski has a girlfriend now, and makes First Line, and fucking Stilinski doesn’t even have freaky supernatural powers. He didn’t even show up for the fucking game.

Jackson’s walking slow after leaving the locker room, which winds up meaning he’s the only one in the hallway when Allie rounds the corner, frowning at her cell phone, and Jackson doesn’t really think before he slams her against the wall and starts shouting.

This is a mistake on multiple levels.


Allie just wanted to ask Scott if he knew where the hell Stiles and Derek were, since they’re not answering her calls. She didn’t want to deal with Lydia’s jerkface ex-boyfriend, who’s not a werewolf, and not a Hunter, and therefor in the category of people Allie is Not Supposed To Injure Because That Will Draw Attention.

But, she thinks, as he keeps yelling things she’s not really listening to, if she were a regular seventeen-year-old-girl, being full-body pressed into a wall, it would be perfectly reasonable of her to open her mouth and sink her teeth into his earlobe and rip.

Allie doesn’t actually do that though, because Jackson is abruptly several feet away from her, and Lydia is stalking down the hall looking like an incarnation of the Furies [looking like Allie feels most of the time, to be honest] and when she reaches them, she slaps Jackson in the face and pulls Allie away.


Meanwhile, back in the locker room, with the fans blowing overhead, and Peter’s shoes echoing on the tiles, it’s really hard to hear what’s happening in the hallway. This is why neither Scott “The Alpha Just Showed Up And I’m Only In A Towel This Is The Worst Day Ever” McCall, nor Derek “This Entire Conversation Is Making Me Really Uncomfortable” Hale realize anything’s happening out there.

Also meanwhile, in Stiles Stilinski’s timeline, he’s driving back to the school, trying to figure out how to tell Allie that the Alpha is not only Derek’s uncle, but that said uncle successfully talked Derek into joining his side.

He gets there to find Lydia seething, Allie quiet, and Scott on the floor of the locker room.


When everything’s quieted down a little- Scott drove Lydia home, resisting the urge to fidget with the new claw-wounds in the back of his neck, and Stiles and Allie went back to the Stilinski house – Derek calls Allie.

It doesn’t go well.

Derek is used to relying on his werewolf senses, and when Peter says he didn’t intend to kill Laura, he believes him. He’s used to having an Alpha, and Peter wants him as a Beta. He’s used to carrying guilt, and working with his sister’s killer in order to take down the people who killed the rest of their family, the people who cut Laura in half, well that’s barely any more guilt to add at all.

He doesn’t say all that though- just the bit about believing Peter, when he says Laura’s death was an accident.

Allie says that’s a load of crap. Those other two deaths, the video-store clerk and the janitor, those weren’t accidents, why was Laura? That entire night at the school, none of that was an accident.

Eventually, Derek just pleads into the phone that Peter is family.



“Not. Mine.”


The next morning, Kate Argent gets a call from her niece.

“Teach me how to kill an Alpha.”

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