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Not sure if I'm doing any more with this, but I figured I'd share what I'd got. Some parts near the end are from chat convos with weeds. This has no beta.

Teen Wolf / Glee crossover, locational fusion.

Warnings for: violence, references to canon possession, homophobia, outing, canon deaths, one death that isn't quite canon.

Character appearing/mentioned in this installment:

Teen Wolf:Finstock, Greenburg, Jackson, Danny, Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Lydia, Allison, Kate, Melissa, Gerard, Chris + Victoria [not even by name], Peter, Derek, Laura, Papa Stilinski, Matt Daehler, Mr. Lahey [dead as a doornail by the time he's mentioned]

Glee: Ken Tanaka, Sandy Ryerson, Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester, Shannon Beiste, Azimio, Karofsky, Lauren Zizes.

There’s been a rivalry between the Lacrosse team and…every other sport team at William McKinley High for as long as any of the kids can remember. Spring of Sophomore year, this gets exacerbated when Greenburg accidentally outs Danny.

Stiles helpfully points out that in the fall, the football team won by having Kurt Hummel as their kicker, and Danny is a better goalie than the rest of the team combined, and maybe the other sports at school should all consider putting a gay kid in a key position, since they do so well.

He comes home with a black eye courtesy of Dave Karofsky, who goes home limping because Scott stuck a Lacrosse stick between his legs and swung up, and Scott goes home with a broken Lacrosse stick because you don’t do that to Azimio’s best friend.

Jackson walks with Danny between all their classes, and if he can’t then someone else from the Lacrosse team had better, or he will destroy them during practice. Then the Glee club fails to place at Regionals, and gossip about them pulls focus from Danny.

Scott feels bad for the Glee kids; they worked so hard! He’d wanted to join Glee club their Freshman year, but Stiles took one look at Sandy Ryerson and dragged Scott back out the door.

Fall their Sophomore year, Mr. Schuester had come to Coach Finstock as well as Coach Tanaka to see about recruiting some jocks. Stiles yanked Scott’s hand down and hissed “You can’t even make first line, how’re you gonna sing and dance through a whole number?” which he knew was a low blow, but he was getting Scott through this Hell of a high school alive, and Glee club was not part of that plan.


There’s a summer camp just outside Lima, called Beacon Hills, which runs for six weeks every summer. Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, and Vernon Boyd are all in one cabin. Their counselor is Derek Hale, who took the job to look for his sister Laura, who’s gone missing in the woods.

[Scott and Stiles find her body their first night at camp, when they snuck out of their cabin. The Alpha bites Scott, but only manages to scratch Stiles, who hits him in the face with a branch before hauling Scott off the ground and running like hell]

Lydia Martin, Allison Argent [new to town, and placed at camp to keep her out of the way while her parents hunt the Alpha] and Erica Reyes all share a cabin. Four weeks in, their counselor goes home sick, and is replaced by Allison’s aunt Kate. Instead of ghost stories, she tells them about the gristly “animal attacks” that have been sweeping through Lima lately.

Four weeks in is also when Jackson puts together the final clue of what Scott’s become, because he’s just as competitive about Summer Camp Activities as he is everything else.

At the end of week five, Peter Hale comes back for the last arsonist, and everything goes to hell. Especially for Lydia, who pepper-sprayed Peter when he broke down the cabin door looking for Kate, and consequently got mauled.

By the end of the night, Lydia’s in the hospital [driven there by Allison, who stole a car from the Camp Counselor’s parking lot], Kate and Peter are dead, and Scott’s heavily injured and healing slowly. Derek, high on adrenaline and newly-gained Alpha status, has bitten Jackson, Isaac, Boyd, and Erica.

No one’s sure how Stiles’ managed to not get bitten, but they’ll find out later that the tree he pulled himself and Scott up into when Scott briefly lost consciousness was a rowan, also known as mountain-ash.

With two corpses and several injured campers, Beacon Hills Summer Camp shuts down.


The rest of the summer sees another spate of murders across Lima, this time focusing around an old line-up of McKinley High swim team members, though the first victim was of their old coach, Mr. Lahey.

[Deputy Stilinski quietly sighs that he’s glad he isn’t the sheriff of this hellhole]

Coach Finstock runs summer training for Lacrosse, and between that, working at the Animal Clinic, sneaking off for secret dates with Allison, and trying to track down the Kanima, Scott’s pretty busy.

Boyd, Isaac, and Erica stick with Derek for a while, since they need someone to teach them. But when he says that snakes can’t be poisoned by his own venom, Boyd says that’s untrue. He’d already researched poisonous snakes, insects, and plants when his parents told him he was going to camp that summer.

Derek says in that case, they need to kill both possible candidates for Kanima, to protect the town.

“But this town sucks,” Erica points out. She’s been texting Stiles during the whole conversation. Turns out that sometimes, summer camp really can be a bonding experience. “Anyway, Stilinski says they’ve gotten Lyds to translate that Bestiary passage, and he’s on his way with Allison to give us the low-down.”

“Low-down?” Isaac murmurs, while Derek looks aggrieved.

Within two weeks of that, unencumbered by school, Matt Daehler has killed everyone he considered responsible for his drowning, and is promptly drowned anew by Gerard Argent, who is not expecting a red-headed teenage girl to run past him on the riverbank and hug the Kanima.


Lydia Martin’s had a rough couple of weeks.

The night that Matt Daehler left his house to stalk his last victim, Lydia Martin left hers to blow wolfsbane powder in Derek Hale’s face, and drag him to a graveyard. She’d already dug up Peter’s coffin that afternoon. Once Peter’s alive again, he whispers his thank-you in Lydia’s ear; the secret to saving Jackson Whittemore.

Now that her mind’s her own again, Lydia’s pretty pissed that no one bothered to tell her what was going on. Stiles almost did once, she’s pretty sure, so she calls him as she leaves the graveyard.

“I know how to stop the Kanima,” she says, when he picks up the phone.

“What do you need me to do?” he asks immediately. Maybe he thinks he did tell her, she muses, that day her brought her the page of Archaic Latin to translate.

“Just get me to him.”


The end result is Erica and Isaac tracking the Kanima to the river, and calling Stiles, who calls in Scott, Allison, and Boyd as back-up. Lydia’s not waiting for anyone though, and there are too many Hunters with Gerard for Isaac and Erica to take down on their own.

Gerard is not happy that the Kanima he hoped to use has just turned back into a teenage boy, one that’s presumably a werewolf is Lydia was right. Stiles throws himself between the Argent patriarch and the two lovebirds right as the knife flashes.

Half a second later, Stiles has giant bleeding gash across his chest, and Gerard has an arrow sticking out of his.

The other Hunters back down when Allison steps out of the shadows, another arrow already notched into her bow, and declares that Gerard Argent had violated the Code, and would anyone like to argue with her about that.


By the end of the summer, Allison and her parents have left town; it seemed more prudent to call in another Hunting family to keep an eye on things, than to stay and deal with the fall-out of that summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Whittemore enroll their son in Dalton Academy, which has a much better Lacrosse team than William McKinley High. Derek gets a job there as an Art teacher; he’s actually quite good with paints and clay.

The Hale Pack is Derek, Peter, and Jackson.

Lydia tells Jackson if he’s going to be in a Pack with Peter Hale, she’s going to dump his ass, True Love or not. Jackson says how else is he going to learn to be the best werewolf possible? Omegas are weak, and there’s no way he’s going to join McCall’s Pack, it was bad enough being co-captains during summer training.


Melissa knows about werewolves, because Scott was kind of freaking out and letting his eyes glow when he brought her Stiles to get his knife-wound stitched up. None of the other parents know.

The McCall Pack is Scott, his mom, Boyd, Isaac, Erica, Stiles, and Lydia. Scott’s not an Alpha, but Erica says the day she joins a pack with Jackson Whittemore is the day she snorts wolfsbane. Isaac and Boyd are sticking with Erica; she’s their Pack more than Derek ever was. Lydia claims to be joining out of spite, but Scott tells Stiles later that her heart totally did that speed-up lying thing when she said that.


In the fall, Boyd and Erica join the Lacrosse team. Lauren Zizes starts giving Erica a fist-bump when they pass in the hallway.

Coach Tanaka’s gone, and Finstock becomes instant friends with the new football coach, Shannon Beiste.

Scott wants to audition for Glee club, now that he never loses his breath anymore, and Stiles helps him pick out an audition song, because what the fuck, they survived the Summer From Hell, they can take on whatever McKinley’s got to dish. Besides, Scott’s pining now that Allison’s left town, and could use a distraction.


Coach Sue’s been watching the Lacrosse team, and near the end of September, she approaches Erica with an offer to join the Cheerios.

Erica declines.

Isaac accepts.

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