Mar. 8th, 2012

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Season 1, Episode 4, maybe about 25 minutes in? When the football team is in the choir room to learn how to dance.

We start partway through, with Schuester facing the team (while Kurt sits in a chair and watches) saying “A five-six-seven-eight, step-ball change, up, dun dun dun duh, bum bum buh bum, a buh buh bow," and then he blows a whistle to get them to stop.

I have no idea if he walked them through whatever they were doing first. The guys in the back row are copying the guys in the front row, they're decently together but not moving very much, and after the cut away and back, none of them are in the same position as each other.

He tells them they're doing good, but not relaxed/loose enough, and says "it's just like you're playing, football, all about the lateral movements, stay low and-" Kurt nudges him to the side. "Watch Kurt."

Kurt turns his back to the team, so they can directly copy, not mirror him (not that we see Schue giving them anything to mirror).

Kurt vocalizes each move that he does, not with a move-name, but with body-part name, a bit of description.

“All right boys, five-six-seven, hand, hand, point to the finger, hip, head, oop, sneak attack to the ring, comb through hair, slap the butt.”

That’s when Tanaka whistles for them to stop.

Pretty much that chunk of time encompassed by the above dialogue from Kurt, the team starts out staggered in their movements, but the longer Kurt demonstrates, the closer they get to being in sync with each other.


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