Jan. 25th, 2012

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Way back in Season 1, in Throwdown, Will flunks all but three of the Cheerios in Spanish class. "Answered every question with a drawing of a sombrero".

At some point in the show, Sue says that WMHS doesn't have a SPED program.

I'm pretty sure she had to be forced by the administration to have open tryouts for the Cheerios, because she usually does things by invitation only?

Sue is super-focused on winning, and we see her inviting in people who help her with that goal. Quinn/Santana/Brittany are good at the physical tasks, and are the three Sue goes to at the beginning to infiltrate Glee Club. She boots Quinn as Quinn approaches the more visible stage of her pregnancy.

Kurt and Mercedes are invited in for singing, and we see them do the physical aspects of their routines pretty dang well. Sue threatens to boot Mercedes if she doesn't drop some pounds, and Mercedes (after some support from Quinn) tells her to go fuck herself (though in words that won't get her suspended from school).

Becky Jackson ends up as Head Cheerleader, with on-screen fierceness.

So that's six Cheerios we get to know.

In season 2, Sue steps down from her position as Principle in order to better protect Kurt.

It's been established that the school's pecking order puts jocks and Cheerios on top. Kurt and Mercedes are shown gaining popularity and some physical safety when in uniform. Brittany is a trendsetter and wins the student election...we also see her getting laughed at in her classes and ridiculed by a teacher.

Quinn gets slushied when her pregnancy gets out, and Santana gets threatened when the ad outing her runs. So it's not a complete shield.

In the case of Brittany and Becky, it's hard to tell how much being on the Cheerios got them to where they are on the social ladder, and how much is because of their inherent awesomeness.

With Mercedes we got an instant boost in popularity, to the point where it helped Puck.
With Kurt I think we got some safety from the uniform.

Wow I'm kind of rambling. What I'm building up to is, I don't think Brittany and Becky are alone in the Cheerios.

I think Sue Sylvester has been quietly inviting in kids who have the ability to win national championships, and who also would normally be destroyed by the rest of the student body.

Sue is mean and hard and often cruel and pushes and pushes and pushes and produces National Champions.
National Champions who are flunking Spanish.
And have been flunking for several years.
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In the latest Glee episode, Yes/No, we start off with Summer Nights from Grease.


Okay. Okay. It could just be a dudebro thing. But. But. But. Back in Hold Onto Sixteen, Artie commented on tingles in regards to Sam's body roll. Of course, so did Santana...

What is going on with this.

Also does it mean I can ship Puck/Sam/Mercedes?


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